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Copenhagen Empirically Based Integrational Studies in Language (CEmBIL)

The key integrational insight is that language presupposes communication. Language presupposes human beings with communicational needs. Persons are always situated in time and context, and processes of communication take place in particular spatio-temporal and social circumstances.

Language is dynamic and intrinsically social. The creation of signs and the participants' prior communicative experiences, social understandings, and knowledge of language become embedded in each particular situation. The processes of communication are not dependent on any other set of a priori standards. Therefore we see language as a historical, social, and cognitive phenomenon, not as a closed system sui generis.

As our point of departure we assume a variety of requisite factors related to the creation of language - most fundamentally the biophysical and social conditions of human beings in time and space. Therefore, the seamlessness between various modes of expression is a point of interest for integrational studies in language.

In the collective project Creativity and Dynamics in the Processes of Language Conventionalization we endeavoured to develop a concise and refined concept of conventionalization. This involved research into the questions of how language conventions are created, sustained and changed in concrete communication processes.