Collective research project

Creativity and Dynamics in the Processes of Language Conventionalization

With the collective research project "Creativity and Dynamics in the Processes of Language Conventionalization" we want to demonstrate the mechanisms behind language creativity and diversity and to develop theory and methods to investigate how language conventions are created, sustained and changed through concrete communication processes.

The creative aspects of language practices have been neglected by traditional linguistics. Persons are seen as users of a fixed linguistic code and the communicators' ability to coordinate and cooperate about the creation of meaning according to the circumstances is either depreciated or ignored.

Based on authentic language material, unorthodox communication theories, new (psycho)phonological theory, usage based theory, theories of interaction and cognition, phenomenological approaches to body and consciousness, and theories of complex systems we want to advance and test models for the creation and dynamics of language conventions.

The aim of this project is to contribute to a theoretically and methodologically sound solution to the problem within traditional linguistics of describing and explaining conventionalization processes. Further reading on conventionalization.

The collective research project was funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research | Humanities and co-financed by the Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen.